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Double chance bet

This is a double chance bet calculator. It calculates the proportion into which you have to divide your stake between the two separate bets so that you will have the same return in case of any of the two possible outcomes. Bookmakers give you the option of double chance betting but sometimes the odds they offer for it differ from those calculated from the odds for the two outcomes. With this simple calculator you can verify that and choose the more advantageous option for you.

This calculator is also useful when you want to place two bets on one event at two different bookmakers taking advantage of the higher odds they offer for different outcomes and thus obtaining higher effective odds.


double chance bet - odds formula double chance bet - stake 1 formula double chance bet - stake 2 formula
o   - double chance odds
o1  - odds for outcome 1
o2  - odds for outcome 2
S1  - stake for outcome 1
S2  - stake for outcome 2
S =S1+S2  - total stake


Please fill the following fields:
Odds: ← on this row: the odds (in decimal form) offered for the two outcomes
Stake: ← optional: the total amount you wish to place as a double chance bet