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Payback rate

The payback rate calculator requires you to fill the odds offered by a bookmaker for the three possible outcomes of a match. It calculates what percentage of the total amount received as stakes the bookmaker pays out as profit for the betters. This calculator helps you estimate the competitiveness of the odds offered by the bookmaker. The payback rate may vary by bookmaker, league and match.

You can also use the calculator in another way. In the three columns you can write the odds offered by two or three different bookmakers and check if you can achieve risk-free profit through arbitrage.


payback rate formula
p   - payback rate
o1  - odds for outcome 1
oX  - odds for outcome X
o2  - odds for outcome 2

If p >1, placing three separate bets for the following amounts will guarantee you profit of a certain amount regardless of the result of the match.

arbitrage -  stake 1 formula arbitrage -  stake X formula arbitrage -  stake 2 formula
S1  - stake for outcome 1
SX  - stake for outcome X
S2  - stake for outcome 2
S =S1+SX+S2  - total stake


1 X 2
Odds: ← Please fill the odds (in decimal form) offered for the three outcomes!